How do I get started?

Just plug in the Offee hardware device using the adapter to the power socket and you are good to go.

How does students get connected on smart device?

Once you switch “ON” Offee device, Student’s have to turn their smart device to Flight mode, then connect to “Offee” Network from their Wi-Fi settings on the phone.

I can’t connect to Offee Network from my device?

Make sure you have selected “Offee” from your wireless network list in your setting.

Is Flight Mode compulsory for students ?

Yes, without flight mode student’s won’t be able to start their Exams.

How many concurrent students can be connected?

Offee can connect 60-80 concurrent students i.e. entire classroom strength.

Can we track student during on-going exam ?

Yes, you will be provided with supervisor Log-In in every classroom to track live activity of each and every students

Can students access internet when connected to Offee Network or ongoing exam ?

No, students will be disconnected from outside world including no calls, no text as on flight mode.

Can students access Files, Gallery etc. inside their own phone during on-going exam ?

During the exam, student cannot open any of the application on their own device, e.g. Gallery, Files, Documents etc as their live activity is being monitored.

Can same classroom have different Exam Paper ?

Yes, different students can have different exam in the same classroom-same device, respective student will only see their programmed Question paper.

Will exam questions get randomised for every student ?

Yes, Questions as well as options both get randomised based on our auto-intelligent algorithm.

When can we get results ?

Instantaneously, results are generated as soon as students end’s their respective test.

What operating systems are supported by Offee Interface?

Supports all smartdevices with iOS version 5 or higher, Android version 2.3 or higher, web browser (Safari 5 or later, Google Chrome 13 or later).

Does Offee have Software Encryption ?

Yes, High level security including 256bit AES Encryption.

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